Oil price

Oil prices rebounded from high fueled atmosphere of traded on exchanges. Investors were busy in the last days before the armistice lines make the selection. The leaders of the United States. As a result, the Dow Jones industrial index rose 133.24 points to close at 13,245.68 points.

The hardware and energy stocks rose ahead. Confidence of investors that Mr. Messerschmitt Romney candidacy for U.S. President. Republican Party a chance to win. The policy is meant to highlight the use of energy from fossil fuels. And as a result, are buying more oil into the market. However, analysts concluded that Regardless of the election results to come in any form. It will be beneficial to the market. The direction of growth of the U.S. economy will be more clear.

- Maintenance of the unit, the largest refinery with a capacity of 3.37 lakh barrels per day. BP Refinery (BP) and stop the production of the Indiana refinery Bay Way of 2.38 lakh barrels per day from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Crude is expected to deliver increased protection phishing. Cause the spread between Brent crude and West Texas stretch more and boost the price of gasoline in the U.S. market. To increase.

- The EU’s services sector index (PMI) service menstruation. York. Fell to 45.7 from 46.1 in September is the ninth month of the index level is 50 or lower indicates contraction. of the service sector. Expected by economists that there is a strong chance that the European Central Bank to cut rates. Interest to reach as low as 0.5% in early next year.

- At the top of Germany’s factory orders for October. York. Reduced as well. Orders from foreign and domestic growth was negative 4.5%, down 1.8%.

- The United States energy market Petroleum Institute (API) reported U.S. crude inventories as at 2 November 55 decreased to 27,000 barrels of Reuters survey expected to increase by 1.8 million barrels now. The amount of gasoline inventories fell 1.0 million barrels and gasoline fell 1.5 million barrels.
Gasoline. Oil prices rise over Dubai. Driven by the tight supply situation in the United States. With the demand for imports of Indonesian

Diesel. The increase in crude oil prices. However, the volume of oil in the market increases. While there is not much demand.

Crude oil prices in the short term, and factors to watch.

The movements of Brent crude oil prices this week from 105 to 113 dollars per barrel while West Texas 82-90 dollars to the debt of Spain and Greece. Tensions in the Middle East and the impact of Hurricane Sandy. And the appointment of the new leader of China. And the European Central Bank this week. Today marked the election for President of the United States. It’s official.

- Economic data this week, including the following.
Wednesday: industrial production of Germany.
Thursday: Most of the unemployed who receive benefits. Including imports – exports of Germany. Greece’s unemployment rate.
Friday: The sense of the consumer economy. The industrial production of French. Inflation. Industrial production. And retail sales of China.
Saturday: imports – exports of China.

- Observers that China will announce more stimulus or not. After you have chosen a new leader in this November 8.
- The European Central Bank on Nov. 8 that the bank is expected to keep interest rates low until the economy. EU to recover.
- The decision by the European Union for financial support of Spain, which will lead to the start. Spanish government bond purchases by the European Central Bank, which is expected in November
- The decision to grant Greece the next installment of the EC / ECB / IMF with Greece’s financial results are reported in this week.
- The effects of hurricane winds struck the sandy east coast of the U.S. state. Economy and oil demand, which is expected to fall short. But recovered again due to the need to repair the damage.
- The conflict between Iran and the West on its nuclear program. And border tensions between Syria and Turkey. General concerns about tight supply.