Revenue decline in 55 years

“During the past, we need to set aside about 140 million, it is the slow import by China. Therefore, the revenue and profit of the company declined. However, since the fourth quarter.
So far this year, the situation will improve, “said Tony said.

For the year 2556, the company expects revenue to grow up to around 6 billion, while net profit margin (Net Profit Margin) is 6.5% of normal is about 4.5%.
This is due to a combination of factors, including driving, warehouse and dock project will help to reduce the cost of logistics in the annual average of 100 million Baht

Mr Phanom said. Next year the company plans to expand its market to India.
Currently, the majority of exports to China. The future may be other markets such as Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, etc., which will make the money. In two years from the sale of coal in 50% and 50% of domestic sales, export sales this year, with approximately 20-25% of the sales in the country.

By pushing it to the international market. Encouraging results for AGE. Improved. Due to the use of coal in the country is relatively small, the growth rate is only 5-10% per year.

The demand is likely to increase since the fourth quarter. As the winter. Therefore, China has to be ordered in order to be active. Meanwhile, the trend of rising coal prices next year is likely. Run up to around $ 90 per tonne, up from the current approximately $ 80 per ton to give direction to improve performance. It is expected that the amount of coal will increase next year to 2.2 million tonnes from 1.6 million tonnes this year is about.

Plans for expansion abroad. Currently in the process of setting up a subsidiary in Indonesia by
AGE owns 100% share capital of U.S. $ 2.4 million. Which is expected to complete later this year.

By setting up the company. Intended to support the mining business in Indonesia.
Which the investment is likely to buy the mine. Or a company engaged in the coal business. While this is still under negotiation. If the deal invested around U.S. $ 1-2 billion is needed to raise capital. Or loan. I have enough liquidity.

Mr.Panom should Eternity Managing Director Asia Green Energy Public Company Limited () (AGE), importer and distributor of bituminous coal. (Clean coal) said. The company expects revenue this year to be in the range of approximately 4.5 to 4.7 billion, down slightly from last year’s revenue of 5.2 billion Baht

The net profit is expected to fall slightly to 10 million baht in the first half, the company has set aside thousands Stock of coal 140 million with China, which is the main partner imported coal reduced the impact. AGE directly.

“In recent years, coal mine and Companies doing business in Indonesia, close to town. Because coal prices dropped sharply from about 140 dollars per tonne to about $ 80 per ton, so this step is considered to be a golden opportunity for us to go into negotiations with these companies.
As well as other countries that might not have a problem with. The next year, we believe that coal can be recovered. Of the contract price is very likely, “said Tony said.